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In the last few years we've seen an uptake in barebow as a popular division. At least this is the feeling in the community. We I talk to people about numbers declining they often point to the growth in barebow.
So lets compare the actual bow styles across all ages and sexes.

So the data does support Barebow as growing. The rate though is nowhere near the rate in which Compound has declined. For example in 2000 there was 77 compound archers, while 1 barebow recurve archer. In 2020 only 30 compound archers and 10 BBR. 2020 was the worst performing year for compound archers.

2008 is certainly the year compound started to drop off. From 2000 to 2007 only once did compound fall under 60 entries. It has not achieved those numbers since.
Meanwhile Barebow didn't start to grow till 2011, and theft's by only a small number.

Years Recurve Compound All Barebows BBR BBC LB
2000-2007 26.86 64.43 5.81 1.43 1.67 2.71
2008-2020 28.77 45.31 11.54 7.00 1.09 3.92
Difference +1.91 -19.12 +5.73 +5.57 -0.58 +1.20

While the growth in Barebow % wise is impressive, it's more than offset by the loss in compound. Recurve is stagnant, which in this case is not a bad thing. Ideally both recurve and compound were stagnant while barebow grew. This isn't happening.
However the question is why? Especially when you consider that compound has being growing at international events over the same time period. For example since 2010 the Vegas shoot has grown from 1600 to 3700 competitors. Most of those compound. However locally we see the opposite.

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