2000 vs 2019

So let us compare the 2000 State Target vs the 2019 State Target. These are pretty compariable events. Both were held in Melbourne clubs (Box Hill and DVA)

Year Entries Club Gold Silver Bronze Medals % Medals Default Win Default Medals
2000 106 BHCA 21 14 13 48 45.28 6.60% 10.38%
2019 96 DVA 37 22 12 71 73.96 15.63% 28.13%
Change -9.43%   +76% +57% +7.7% +48% +63.34% +136.82 +171%


So here you can see that the changes are still very distinct between 2000 and 2019. Most telling is the huge drop in participation. Despite the 76% increase in medals being handed out participation has dropped a staggering 9.43%.

Now this could be explained away as a number of things. However it's been a trend for quite some time.

The graph illustrates the entries per event and the trend line. It's most certainly trending down.

This could be a 1000 things causing it. People not liking 1440 rounds. People prefer 720's etc etc.

However here is a graph showing the divisions shot, medals awarded and percentage of competitors receiving medals.

When participation is trending downwards, why is medals trending upwards?

So we COULD say that divisions going up is due to an increase in participation in barebow.

We COULD say that Percentage receving medals is due to less competitors. That's a valid observation.

However it's incredibly worrying still that these are trending in the opposite directions. Lets look at more trends.


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