1990 vs 2019

So lets compare the 1990 State Indoor to the 2019 State Target.

Yes I know they are different events. I would compare the State Indoors but the multi-venue format is so good at building participation it's not a fair comparrison. Also I don't have the 1990 State Target results. So while I admit they are not perfect, the entry numbers are similar so it's not terrible.

Year Entries Golds Silvers Bronze Medals % Medalled Default Wins Default Medals % Def Wins % Def Med
1990 83 11 8 6 25 30.12% 3 5 3.61% 6.02%
2019 96 37 22 12 71 73.96% 15 27 15.63% 28.13%
Change +15.6% +236% +175% +100% +184% +146% +400% +440% +333% +367%

So 29 years on we can see that the entry numbers have not changed very much. What has changed alot is the number of Golds handed out. Golds indicate divisions and as you can see that number has grown by an incredible 236% despite participation being on 156% higher.

With medals being handed out at 184% increase higher than in 1990.

With participation not increasing at the same rate as the divisions were added this means that the number of medals handed out has gone up 184%

Lets imagine that a medal costs $8.55each (yes I know if you buy bulk you can get them cheaper) reference link

And for arguments sake $30 average entry fee.

Year Medal Cost Entry Income after medals Cost Per Person
1990 $213.75 $2276.25 ($2490 - $213.75) $2.58
2019 $607.05 $2272.95 ($2880 - $607.05) $6.32
Change +$393.30 -$3.30 +$3.74

So these extra divisions have increased the costs in medals by $393.30. Which has totally wiped out the income from those extra 13 entries.

It also means that costs have gone up $3.74 per person.

OK so that doesn't sound so bad. It's only $3.74.

That's $3.74 by EVERYONE. Not only those receiving the medals by default.

It's also $393 extra in costs to run the event. For what hasn't increased participation.

For the extra costs to be worth it, what participation would we need?

To match the 184% increase in medals we would need antries to have grown from 83 to 235.

Even 200 entries would not match the medal increasing percentage.

280 entries would be needed to match the increase in divisions.

Lets compare Divisions between then and now.

Year Divisions Avg Competitors Equivlent
1990 11 7.54  
2019 37 2.59 279 competitors

In 2019 only the Open mens Compound and Open Mens Recurve had more than 7.54 competitors (8 each)

Masters Mens Compound had 7.


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