Vegas Stats

Vegas Stats is a project to bring the Stats of the The Vegas Shoot to the public in a way that demonstrates the history and the skill of the competitors over the years.

The data on this website was sourced from and makes no guarantee of it's accuracy.
Data is connected by a full name match. In some cases nicknames or name changes may have results in data being missed or broken up over two names. While we have tried to join names where possible we make no promises that it is correct.

Currently only Mens Pro, Womens Pro, Sr Pro and Jr Pro classes are listed. We hope to expand on this. People who have shot Flights will find their scores missing.

This website is not a representative of the NFAA or World Archery.
We thank the NFAA and World Archery for having these scores online where we could access them.
Note: Shootoff Percentage does not factor in Lucky Dog Winners.
This means someone may show up as not being in a shootoff while they did after winning Lucky Dog.

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